Options & Accesories

Toshiba Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) offers an exceptional lineup of premium accessories ideal for further UPS customization. Options include matching battery cabinets for uniform installation and
energy storage flywheels for the G9000 UPS Series. Additional details are available below.

Available Accessories:

  • Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS) Panel: Available in floor or wall mounting configurations in two-, three-, and four-breaker configurations with optional kirk-key interlock systems and solenoid release
  • Battery Cabinets & Racks: Provide uniform appearance to installation and work equally well with Valve-Regulated Led Acid or flooded-cell battery backup
  • Power Distribution Unit/Remote Power Panel Options: Internal 480/208 transformers and remote power panels available in a range of sizes and capacities for the three-phase systems
  • Flywheel Energy Storage for G9000 Series: Green alternative and/or supplement to traditional batteries providing safe, reliable energy storage in a robust, lightweight, and compact package with low life-cycle cost
  • Toshiba Tie Cabinet: Color-matched tie cabinets synchronize and parallel the output of G9000 UPSs to increase capacity up to 6000 KVA
  • Toshiba Distribution Cabinet: Provides single-operation G9000 UPSs with external maintenance bypass, step-down output transformer, and sub-feed breaker and/or 42-pole panel distribution in one compact
    uniform cabinet

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