E-Saver Opal-R Series

A family of Ultra-efficient dry-type transformers that have been optimized for retrofit applications to deliver up to 80%+ less losses on pre-2007/TP-1 transformer replacements. This Transformer provides new infrastructure with the fastest payback in the most widespread retrofit applications. Optimized for light, nonlinear loads found in most applications.

Brochure: E-Saver Opal-R Series Brochure

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  • Available Models: 80R & 81R
  • Retrofit Best Practice ensures a smooth retrofit with verified savings
  • Appropriately K-Rated, per UL 1561
  • Contributes to, Green Building, LEED®, Net Zero and carbon footprint reduction goals
  • Certificates: ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 17025 (Efficiency Test Lab), UL & CSA
  • Expandable kVA options available
  • Guaranteed performance for 32 years
  • Low Noise
  • Management of Impendence, Inrush, Fault level and Arc flash
  • Supports: ESCO, Utility and Commercial Energy Performance Contracts

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