G9000 Series 100kVA-1000kVA

Three Phase, 4 wire

The G9000 Series UPS is designed for stand-alone or parallel use in up to eight-unit configurations without requiring the use of a special switch-gear cabinet.

Using the new Toshiba IGBT technology in the rectifier/converter, DC/DC chopper, and the inverter sections of the UPS, the G9000’s double-conversion topology provides an AC/DC/AC efficiencies of up to 97% at loads from 50% to 100%. Even at 20% loading, the efficiency remains greater than 94%. This is 10% to 20% better than current industry systems, making the G9000 excellent for N+1 parallel systems where loads are typically 30-40%.

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  • Fifth-Generation Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Technology
  • True On-Line, Double-Conversion UPS
  • Input Power Factor > 0.99
  • Input Current THD < 3%
  • 100% Unbalanced Load Capability
  • Wide Input Voltage Range +15%, -20% (Without Utilizing Batteries)
  • High Efficiency for Lower Operational Cost
  • Smallest Footprint & Highest Power Density in Industry
  • Electronic Battery Isolation for Battery Longevity
  • Generator-Friendly Design & Compatibility
  • Complete Front-Access for Installation, Operation, & Service
  • Handles Leading Power Factor Loads (Without Derating)
  • SNMP/Web-Based Monitoring
  • Three-Year Warranty for Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Qualifies for Buy America Act
  • SCiB Energy Storage System (ESS) utilizing SCiB Lithium Ion Battery is available with the 4400. Please see our SCiB page for more details.

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