ULTRA-K Series 600K-he Single Phase

“ULTRA-K Series 600K-he” models meet and exceed the U.S. Department of Energy efficiency standards. The single and three phase 5 kVA – 500 kVA units provide electrical noise attenuation and transient voltage suppression to protect sensitive electronic loads from disruption or failure. Each model is offered with four different K-factor ratings (K4, K7, K13, K20) for full compatibility with the harmonic-rich currents associated with non-linear loads.

Brochure: ULTRA-K Series 600K-he Brochure

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Key facilities and industries include:

  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Performing Centers & Theaters
  • Recording Arts Studios
  • Schools
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

Example applications include:

  • Electronic Measuring Equipment
  • Automated Scanning Electronics
  • I.T. Systems/Computers
  • Audio/Video Recording Equipment
  • VFD Controls
  • Isolation for UPS’s

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