Energy Station SM

The Powersmiths Energy Station SM Power Distribution Unit is optimized for applications demanding the highest levels of power distribution density and reliability in the smallest overall footprint. The unit boasts high levels of configuration, efficiency, line maintainability with service safety, and diagnostic monitoring. Suitable for applications that are feedings busways, Remote Power Panels or for feeding server racks directly.

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  • Power Rating: 50 to 1350kVA
  • Input Voltages: 208V, 415V, 480V or 600V (3-wire + GND)
  • Frequency: 60Hz, 50Hz
  • Enclosure: Type 1, Type 3R (Outdoor)
  • Operating Temp: 0 – 40°C
  • Supports unique system requirements
  • Fitted to space requirements
  • High Density Options
  • Reduced arc flash risk
  • Seismic certified
  • Integrated web-accessible Cyberhawk metering options

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