Floor Mount Split Systems 2100

6-60 Ton Floor Mount Split Systems

The Compu-Aire System 2100™ is designed to offer powerful cooling. It provides increased reliability, serviceability, and energy efficiency in large rooms. The System 2100™ is available in Air, Water, and Glycol.

Cooled floor mounted versions, as well as many flexible configurations to meet the spot cooling needs of the customer. Thanks to easy access to all system components, installation is fast, operation is quiet, and maintenance is simplified. There is a system available to fit the temperature and humidity control needs of any application, no matter how big or small the requirements are.

The System 2100™ is offered with the following features:

  • Advanced Microprocessor Control
  • Downflow and upflow configurations
  • Easy to remove front and side panels to gain effortless access for maintenance and routine servicing
  • Electric reheat
  • Steam generating humidifier-canister type > 0.98
  • “A” Frame evaporator coil for better airflow distribution

The System 2100™ provides total environmental (temperature, humidity, and air filtration) control for critical electronic system facilities and is ideal for the following applications:

  • CAD/CAM Installations
  • Commercial Offices/Buildings
  • Control Rooms
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Laboratories
  • Network Facilities
  • Telecommunications Equipment

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