In Row Systems

2-5 Ton In Row Split System

This new unit is designed to create an efficient and modern cooling system, without sacrificing space and specifications. This unit has been designed to be green friendly, by using a high efficiency scroll compressor with EC fans, making it the latest innovation for the customer’s specific cooling needs as well as designed to provide cooling in a horizontal direction, creating a new way to position the unit. The individual unit can be positioned between the racks, creating a more even dissipation of extreme heat from the servers.


Key Considerations:

  • Elimination of hot spots
  • Ensure stable inlet temperatures
  • at servers
  • Eliminate air short cycling
  • Higher heat ratio

Touch Screen Graphical Display: The System 2200 Plus Advanced Microprocessor pGD3 is the latest state of the art user interface.

  • Featuring a 5.7” touch screen display with 1/4 VGA resolution
  • 32-bit microprocessor that allows the management of complex graphic images up to 320×240 pixels in size
  • Up to 256 colors, various animated icons, non-proportional fonts in Unicode format, trend graphs of alarms, temperature, humidity, pressure values, and air speed.