Floor Mount Split Systems

2-5 Ton Floor Mount Split System

Compu-Aire understands the special environmental control needs of computer, electronic and telecommunications rooms.

Fully Insulated Cabinet the Compu-Aire Compu-Kool III cabinet is constructed of 14 gauge heliarc welded tubular steel for strength and protection. Front access is made easy for servicing via well insulated access panels. A 1” thick, 1.5lb density insulation is utilized. The cabinet has decorative front and side panels, which can be color-coordinated with the décor of the computer room.

Compu-Aire is concerned about energy conservation, which is why the Compu-Aire Compu-Kool III standard reheat is provided in two stages. Each element is finned tubular type, with a low watt density design for extended life.

Each Compu-Aire Compu-Kool III is provided with a pre-piped and pre-wired electronic electrode self-generating steam type humidifier. Completely maintenance free, the humidifier is equipped with a disposable cylinder. The vapor produced is piped directly into the supply air for efficient moisture introduction.

Easy Access To Filters the Compu-Aire Compu-Kool III has standard 2” thick pleated media high efficiency MERV 8 filters which are serviceable from the front of the unit for upflow units and from the top for downflow units.

The Compu-Kool III shall be provided with state of art user interface, Advanced Microprocessor-System 2200 Plus With Graphical Display featuring 5.7” touch screen display with 1/4 VGA resolution, and a 32-bit microprocessor that provide up to 320X240 pixels in size and up to 256 colors, various animated icons, non-proportional fonts in Unicode format and trend graphs. Touch screen functions makes it easier for the user to understand and set the control parameters on System 2200+ series controller.

Compu-Kool III Split System features a pre-charged evaporator coil and expansion valve in the computer room unit, with the scroll compressor, and the condensing equipment located in 4 different types of condensing units Air Cooled Condenser (ACC), Propeller fan type condensing unit (PFCU), Air Cooled Condensing Unit (ACCU), Centrifugal fan type condensing unit (CFCU), Water cooled condensing unit (WCCU) and WCCU/DFC water cooled condensing unit with remote dry fluid cooler and pump that can easily adapt to the customer needs.