Powersmiths PDU

Powersmiths International Corp. Integrated solutions serve the most innovative, complex and demanding IT environments by North America’s largest IT infrastructures in retrofit and new constructions applications. Powersmiths has been serving the Information and Technology industry for over 20 years. Their best practices, products and solutions have evolved as a direct result of their valued customer’s input.

Energy Station VERSA

One size does not fill all, this is Powersmiths most versatile PDU unit that supports extensive configurability to meet unique system requirements to maximize effectiveness.

Energy Station TX

Designed for applications like data centers where integrated power distribution provides the best solution for system integration. This unit has options to integrate a mix of primary and secondary breakers, on the sides or top of the transformer, providing a compact and cost-effective strategy for concentrated high-density power distribution, and all in on UL Listed unit.

Energy Station LM

All the benefits of the Powersmiths solution made to match a server cabinet look, for sleek in-row styling that brings symmetry and visual balance to row.

Energy Station MVO

Designed as one unit doing the work of many. Dual and Triple voltage outputs allows 480/277V, 415/240V and 208/120V to simultaneously coexist. Also enables incremental migration for future expansion/upgrade.


Energy Station HID

Geared toward retrofit applications that requires greater power densities than what existing units can service. HID supports front and rear distribution for deployment in mid-row.

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